As an experienced counsellor, psychotherapist and coach, specialising in sexuality and relationships, I am especially equipped to help you successfully manage some of life’s biggest challenges…



For you, as an individual…


Creating work-life balance and wellbeing

Recovering from a broken heart

Moving on from loss, separation and divorce

Discovering or re-discovering love, connection and meaning

Dealing with loneliness and uncertainty

Making difficult life choices

Relocation and expatriate adjustment, new beginnings

Stress management and sleep improvement

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In Your Family, Dating, Marriage and Relationships…


Communicating better and increasing enjoyment, intimacy, and fun

Managing the pressures of family and extended family

Deciding on babies

Positive management of the IVF process

Differing levels of sexual desire, “mismatched libido”

Enhancing sexual interest and pleasure

Relationship stress caused by sexual and other addictions

Concerns about disability, illness or ageing

Issues specially related to same-sex couples

Decision-making about “coming out”

Recovering from an affair


In Sexual and Intimate Matters such as…


Lack of sexual interest and desire

Sexual function difficulties

Self-esteem, body image and sexuality

Premature or delayed ejaculation

Performance anxiety

Difficulties achieving orgasm

Impotence and erection problems

Painful intercourse and vaginismus

Age-related changes to sexual enjoyment

Problems from accidents, illness or medication


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In addition, Susie provides insightful, specialist help with…


Gender identity and other similar concerns

Decision-making about gender transition

Sex addiction


Confusion about sexual orientation