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You can communicate even better with coaching

Human communication is complex and all of us, at times, struggle to get it right. Whether in intimate relationships or in the office, the skills of effectively speaking what we mean, accurately listening to what others mean and responding to create a fruitful dialogue are deeply powerful tools to diminish conflict, build connections and get things done.

The author of the classic book of peace and conflict, “Fights, Games and Debates” Anatol Rappaport, believed that the most powerful tool is listening.

Yet, while we are usually well-trained to talk, we are rarely trained to listen effectively. I have seen many busy, senior people, such as senior executives, who either have never fully developed this skill or have lost it under pressure. This subtly undermines their relationships, diminishing their effectiveness as they miss important messages, including the unspoken ones. Destructive outcomes can result: colleagues become disillusioned about communicating nuances and complexity, subordinates are subtly able to “massage” bad news and the conditions for group think flourish. Opportunities to solve problems are missed.

Susie is uniquely qualified to assist with coaching this kind of communication. Her work is far from the usual “communication skills” training. All her working life has been spent in communication of one kind or another. She lectured in Intercultural Business Communication at The University of New South Wales, Sydney and taught other interpersonal communication subjects at tertiary level. Having worked in many countries, she is flexible and comfortable with communication in environments of complexity and ambiguity and with a wide range of people.

Individual Private Coaching

  • She works in one-to-one sessions with senior executives on sharpening their advanced communication skills. Her wide worklife experience allows her to tune in to the unique challenges faced by her clients and her supportive, non-judgemental yet down-to-earth approach helps accelerate the desired changes. All sessions are completely confidential, discreet, and tailored just for the individual and their unique challenges.
  • Many women struggle to find their voice in the workplace. Susie works in one-to-one sessions with women to find a way to express themselves effectively.

Group Coaching

  • The researcher into high-functioning teams, Marcial Losada, found that they work on a 3:1 positive to negative ratio. The best teams did not constantly pat each other on the back. On the contrary, one of the things they did so well was listen and interact effectively. Susie is able to provide insight into team communication, and coaching for improved functionality. Coming as an outsider with a fresh, independent position, her positive, non-judgemental approach encourages team members to attempt new ways of interacting.
  • She works one-to-one and in groups, to coach valuable teams that are in need of better communication methods.
Communicating confidently is a key to life success

If you would benefit from coaching to improve any of the following, contact Susie

  • Deep, accurate listening
  • Clear, accurate talking
  • Creating fruitful dialogue
  • Speaking up, finding your voice

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