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Counselling alleviates sexual problems and establishes sexual identities

Sexuality is intrinsic in humankind. One of the most intriguing things about my job is the varied ways sexuality expresses itself. It is expressed through a huge range of behaviour, emotions, thoughts, fantasies, desires, beliefs, attitudes, values, traditions, practices, roles, identities and relationships. It includes not only sexual intercourse, but also sexual orientation, gender identity, gender roles, and creation of the next generation of humankind. On the positive side are eroticism, pleasure, intimacy, play and fun. And sadly, there can also be the dark side of pain, power, fear and coercion.

One facet which has had much recent media attention is related to gender identities and roles. Not all folk who are born genetically male or female feel comfortable with that identity. Medical advances have made it feasible to adjust their internal hormonal and external physical aspects to create an inner and outer identity which is more in keeping with their sense of self. Susie works in particular with mature age people who wish to explore gender issues. Since older people typically have responsibilities to partners, children, work and finances, the transition can be difficult and complex and takes time to resolve.

Another difficult time for many is “coming out” as a person with same sex or bi-sexual attraction. While many people experience a huge sense of emotional relief and lightness, or a surge of positive emotional energy, not all do. Negative reactions from the wider social group, family, partners or friends can be very difficult to handle. Counselling can be a life-line as the new identity is established. Susie has talked to many people navigating these changes.

Balance your mentality
Establish your sexual identity

Talk to Susie about

  • sexual identity and orientation issues, coming out
  • gender issues, coming out, transition, dealing with family and society reactions
  • mismatched libidos, changing libidos, couple sexual and intimacy issues
  • unwanted sexual behaviour, compulsive sexual behaviour
  • relationship issues related to internet pornography, on-line sex, paid sexual activities
  • relationship issues from use of social media, screen overuse, work-life balance
  • adult survivors of sexual assault and abuse
  • sexual aversion, fear of intimacy, fear of the other sex
  • cross dressing
  • self-confidence and sex, body image and sex, dating coaching
  • LGBTQIA+ sexuality and relationships

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