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    Hi, I’m Susie Tuckwell…

    Your Sex & Relationship Therapist

    Using sex and relationship therapy approaches targeted for your issues, I work with you to improve your sex life and sexual functioning, to enhance your intimate communication, and to support you in your personal life, marriage or relationship. I am very influenced by John Gottman’s brilliant research on couples and am Level 3 Gottman trained.

    With post-graduate university degrees in both sexual health and counselling, I have a high level of training, plus years of experience and on-going professional development to support our work together.

    In addition, my perspective is also enriched by very broad life and work experience in Australia and internationally. This helps me to understand your individual situation and to bring a common sense, practical approach to your real-life issues.

    My clients live many varied lifestyles, with diverse gender identities and sexual orientations. They range in age from 18 – 80+. It’s heart-warming and exciting to see clients’ lives grow and flourish as they experience positive change through our therapy.

    If it’s time to start a new and rewarding chapter in your life, please get in touch by phone or email. I am conveniently located in the heart of the Sydney CBD. Appointments are available before, during and after business hours, as well as on the weekend.


    Contact me for help with issues like…

    • Couple communication and conflict management
    • Affair recovery, regaining trust after betrayal
    • Managing tough times while repairing and maintaining love and connection
    • Sex related anxieties and lack of sexual confidence
    • Problems with sexual arousal and orgasm
    • Men’s sexual difficulties, erectile and ejaculation issues
    • Women’s sexual difficulties, vaginismus and pain
    • Mismatched or different levels of libido, changes to libido
    • On-line “infidelity”, pornography use
    • Sex “addiction”, unwanted sexual or relational behaviour
    • Before and after baby, sexual and emotional adjustment to parenthood
    • Managing a “midlife crisis”
    • Differing sexual interests and desires
    • Sexual and emotional trauma, negative sexual experiences
    • Finding love again after loss or change
    • Recovery from divorce or separation
    Specialised Approach

    Why Choose Susie

    I’m an adult counsellor and psychotherapist, specialising in sex therapy, intimate relationships, and interpersonal communication.

    I’ve presented workshops and papers for many organisations and conferences, including the World Association for Sexology Congress in Sweden, Lifeline, Australian Football League (AFL), Carers NSW.

    My approach to therapy is based on research. But science is only useful if it helps us to solve your problems and achieve your goals. That’s why our sessions are tailored to address your unique issues and needs.

    Our sessions basically involve “talking therapy” using an “integrative” approach. That means that I use tools from a wide variety of methods to support our work together.

    Learn more about my integrative approach with a free 15 minute consultation.

    About Susie

    All my professional career, in one way or another, has been spent in communications.

    The first stanza was spent among people from many different backgrounds, cultures and countries. It was a golden gift to experience first-hand our human diversity, eventually leading to academic work in intercultural and business communication.

    The second stanza started with a major work-life change – back to university as a student to do my post-graduate counselling degree, becoming a clinical counsellor and opening my private practice.

    I quickly saw the everyday challenges clients faced in maintaining loving, intimate and satisfying relationships and, also, how my training overlooked the sexual nature of adult life.

    So stanza three was a Master of Health Science in Sexual Health at The University of Sydney. This covered the physiological, psychological and relationship aspects of sex. At the same time, I completed Levels 1-3 of Gottman training in couple therapy with additional training in the Gottman method of therapy for affairs and also trauma training.

    Nowadays, I continue regular professional development and specialize in communication, sex and relationships for individuals and couples.

    Free 15 Min Virtual Consultation

    You can call me on 1300 814 427, email me at or simply complete the form to tell me how I can support you. Referrals are not necessary.

    Sessions are available in business hours, after hours and weekends, by appointment only.

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