When weight becomes another thing to divide us

June 1, 2023
Life goes on, we have a stressful job, we get too busy to play our favourite sport, we have a baby and/or young children, we have elderly parents, we have...

Sexual Wellness

June 1, 2023

Fear and Freedom

August 31, 2022
Recently, I’ve heard friends and clients claiming to have phobias about something or other, including a particular kind of hair dryer and cold milkshakes! And on cue – my old...

The Recent Closure Of the Wheels & Dollbaby Store in Sydney

March 25, 2018
The recent closure of the Wheels & Dollbaby store in Sydney after 30 years reminded me of a visit there some years ago. I went in to buy a dress...

When My Office Indoor Plant Tells A Relationship Lesson

March 25, 2018
In my office in Sydney’s CBD I have an indoor plant, a pretty Peace Lilly. When I walk in the door in the morning, I automatically check its state. A...