What people say after counselling with Susie

A 20-something said, “It’s hard being a grown-up.” It certainly can be hard, juggling all the hundred and one demands of modern life, especially when life throws us a challenge that feels too big to handle or we know there is “stuff” we must deal with if we are to grow and evolve into the person we know we can be.

When there are questions to be answered, or it’s time to get back on track, counselling can provide the clarity you need.

Susie is an incredibly insightful and intelligent therapist who has the ability to see beyond the therapeutic process to the individual and their unique situation. I felt very lucky to have found her, and she came highly recommended from multiple people in the medical community. She deeply considers each circumstance and the best way forward. She has given me both practical and emotional advice that that has been life changing. She knows when to call a spade a spade, which is hugely refreshing when other therapists will often disappear behind the theory or the process. She is also an inspiring modern woman who obviously has a rich life experience to bring to the job. She often starts a session, with “I’ve been thinking,” which gives you an insight into her level of dedication to the job. I recommend Susie to anyone I know who is experiencing issues. I was in a very difficult abusive marriage with complex issues, we had seen mutiple therapists, and she was the end of the road for me. I literally think she saved my life, and showed me the possibility of a new one.

Mother of 3 children, Sydney

Dearest Susie
I will be forever grateful for the support and kindness you have shown me during one of the most difficult seasons of my life. Your listening ears, non-judgemental attitude and ability to empathise are much appreciated. I greatly looked forward to our sessions and I am so pleased to know you. My sessions with you have been such a positive and restorative experience. Wishing you the very best always.
Love, Ash.

20s, university student

Susie Tuckwell has helped me work through a mix of small and big hurdles. At a superficial level this is stuff about work, money, love and parenting. Deeper down, it’s actually about wounds I’ve carried since being a child and the unhelpful habits I’d adopted to cope with them. With sharp insight and terrific empathy, Susie helped me link my current patterns to the past, but importantly, she connects that guidance to practical suggestions for being in the present – at work and home. I’ve leant heavily on Susie during some dark moments. She was there, and she was wise.

40-something, national broadcaster, journalist and parent.

Individual Life Challenges

Susie has taken me from a full-on breakdown (I was basically an agoraphobic, unable to leave the house and convinced I was dying) to the point where I have a new career and a normal life again. Without Susie’s advice and encouragement I would still be blaming myself for not being a success, instead of having been able to find success in a new place. Thank you, Susie, for giving me my life back.

"once an extremely stressed IT Project Manager, now a happy and successful copy editor and small business owner!"

I am so deliriously delighted to have rectified my life’s biggest regret, that of dropping out of university. I couldn’t have done it without the help I received from so many people and that definitely includes you. So thank you again, so much!

You definitely deserve all the best in life!

Ella F
Sydney, 30s, professional

Is counselling for men?

It is sometimes said that men are not keen to come to counselling or that they are not comfortable with the counselling experience. On the contrary, I find that men quickly open up on even the most difficult subjects when they experience acceptance and respect.

I was referred by my local Doctor. I moved to the country shortly after my initial discussion with Susie. Initially I thought this may be a problem but I am pleased to say that most of the sessions were done via SKYPE and this worked a treat.

Susie’s approach to counselling is to identify the issues and then bit by bit, rebuild the individual by both discussion and with practical illustrations and other aids to assist. This helped me greatly to deal with the issues on a day-to-day basis at times and to understand and LIKE myself. Whilst some of the problems still resurface from time to time, I feel that I now have the skills to understand what is happening, the situations to avoid and what I need to do to give me some positive energy and thought process.

Rather than counsellor, I would rather call Susie a life coach. A bit like a golf coach who builds the swing, and then from time to time will need to do a bit of tinkering to get the game back on track.

In this case, it is the game of life.

I feel that I can pick up the phone at any time and discuss issues with Susie and I am very comfortable in recommending her services to others.

Financially successful retired man in his 50s, on the North Coast

Some eight years ago I found myself in a personal and professional ‘wilderness’ as can happen to many in mid-life. I sought the help of Susie Tuckwell.

Through comprehensive working sessions, Susie provided the tools and the ‘push’ to help me learn to help myself. Through exercises, personal analysis, direction and perseverance, Susie steered me through some difficult acknowledgements and let me see that there was a very positive future for me, personally and professionally.

Susie’s coaching did me the world of good. I have since purchased a home, and have developed my business dream – events that may well not have happened had I not had such excellent coaching from Susie.

tour operator, 50s

I was at first hesitant to approach a counsellor. However, given I had recently been through a difficult time personally I was willing to do anything which might help me through what was a dark period in my life. What I learnt from Susie I have taken with me and applied not only to my personal life but also my professional. I see things differently and find that I have been able to utilise this new outlook to benefit both myself and my family. For the clarity these sessions provided I will be forever grateful.

20s, financial services

Relationship challenges

There are many kinds of relationships and many kinds of challenges. I have seen plenty of couples who have got their relationships back on track with a mixture of straight talking and honest sharing, maybe some recommended reading or guided activities, and lots of humour and encouragement.

Thank you so much for your patience and guidance with us this morning. We both found the two hours extremely valuable.

Couple, Sydney

I experienced what I refer to now as a complete life crisis. My work had restructured and my role was no longer challenging, my husband of 8 years and I had lost our connection and after years of trying ourselves to find answers and other counsellors we needed help. A friend passed me Susie’s details and spoke highly.

As there were multiple things going on, I cannot imagine how these things unpicked and resolved themselves to where I am today. They did, with each session with Susie, I would come out feeling emotionally spent and yet one step closer to clarity of situations and strength of mind. Susie is amazing in her knowledge of life and ability to tap into your ability to think when you think you cannot.

As you read this next section, I hope you know the result I needed was inner peace. Susie helped me reach this level and it needed both my husband and I to be open and present for the work.

My husband was uncomfortable but made the sessions. Moving through these sessions it became clear to us that we had lost lost connection with each other and more importantly male and female needs were not being met. Susie guided us on how to restore this in our relationship. We went on our planned Hawaii trip and tried to take our few months of Susie eye-openers with us on the trip. It was one of the best holidays we had, as great friends would. On return home, I sensed a major decision was approaching. If I didn’t make it now, I would travel more years in a marriage that felt a drain on my energy. I knew I had to tell my husband the words I was scared to utter for fear of his reaction and his feelings. We sat one last time on Susie’s beautiful white peaceful couch and we agreed we would move on. We ended a 12-year relationship and 8 years of marriage amicably and we have both moved on to new relationships.

Susie has helped me a lot. The end result has always been inner peace. I recall waking up daily feeling like the earth under me was unstable. I do not feel that anymore. When I get that feeling, I have learned to look deep and find answers. I have learned coping skills. And if I feel I cannot do it alone, I make an appointment with Susie just like I might make a physio appointment if my running feels interrupted with a niggling pain. I every time, walk away with clarity of mind, and strength to conquer the situation at hand.

40s, health care executive

We found the session most informative and you “hit the nail on the head” in everything.

Professional couple, 40s, Sydney

We are very happy to recommend Susie Tuckwell as a couples’ counsellor. We have been seeing Susie for several months and she has helped us through some difficult times in our marriage. She is helping us understand our relationship and learn how to be a stronger couple.

Robert and Janelle
Professional couple, 30s, Sydney

We just wanted to drop you a quick line to thank you for our sessions so far. We’ve both got a lot out of it.

Couple Sydney

To summarise – my father died, I moved house, my husband is suffering from depression/chronic fatigue and to finalise the list my 6 year-old son is a highly energetic, challenging child who requires constant supervision. Enough of the history.

I rang Susie after a particularly difficult weekend at home. Susie has helped me enormously. She has helped me deal with my anxiety attacks, given me real strategies for the insomnia (that work) and most importantly helped me to identify why I behave the way I do. Susie has been a fantastic resource for myself, my family and friends. Everyone has commented on how focussed, calm and happy I have been in the last 6 months. I know that this is a direct result of the time I have spent with Susie.

40s businesswoman, mother and farmer

Expatriate Challenges

Having lived overseas and worked in many countries, I know the pains of relocating can sometimes outweigh the pleasures, and put strain on health, work, family life and relationships. If you are being stressed by change, I have a special interest in helping expatriates and people who are relocating within Australia, too.

I am a Korean and I have lived most of my life abroad. I still travel to remote places in the world as I manage IT projects in developing countries. Moving from one country to another in itself is not an easy thing to do especially when there are cultural differences between the two. Effects of cultural shock that follows entry and re-entry into a country are often unseen but it leaves a lasting footprint on one’s life. I spent a year in Sydney during my exchange student life at UNSW and it was my first time to live overseas on my own without my family. Despite my years of experience in the army it was not easy to adjust to a new environment. Sue was a great mentor during my stay. I was able to make my one year in Sydney, one of my best times in my life. It has been 10 years since my exchange student days and we still keep in touch. I find it reassuring and also wonderful to talk to her whenever I have questions in life. I once asked her what I should do with my life, a very philosophical question, and she advised me in several ways. Although I make my own decisions in life, Sue’s wisdom and advice have helped me in life, work and education and I look forward to her continuous support.

JaHeung Koo
Project Manager, Korea Telecom

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