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Regain your connection

Let’s be frank – relationship therapy has had a bad name. And no wonder, when research shows that couples typically wait six years after the first signs of trouble to ask for help from a trained professional.

Six years is a long time for damaging moments to become damaging patterns, for fleeting moments of hurt or disappointment to become hurt and disappointment that is hard to forgive or forget.

But, encouragingly, it is very possible for couples to let go of the negatives and find the positives in the relationship again. It’s not always easy, but it can be done. With good-will, hope and commitment, and the help of a trained therapist, couples can work through their past hurts, and learn new skills. These vital skills include communicating more effectively, solving problems more efficiently, and feeling and expressing fondness and admiration more often.

Rebuild your relationship

Contact Susie for help with issues like

  • Regaining connection, liking, love and fondness
  • Managing tough times while maintaining love and connection
  • Communication, conflict management, working together as a team
  • Dealing with an affair, regaining trust after betrayal
  • Mismatched or different levels of libido, changes to libido
  • Different sexual interests and desires
  • Before and after baby, adjustment to parenthood
  • Growing apart, changing needs and goals, “mid-life crisis”
  • Managing in-laws and other significant others
  • Broken heart, lost love, grief and loss of love or loved one
  • Finding love again after loss or change
  • Managing divorce or separation
  • Deciding on babies, including IVF and adoption
  • Dating coaching

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